What is ONeLife X?

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What is OneLife X?

OneLife X is a 9-month Christian leadership program offering entrepreneurship gap year options for OneLife graduates. This program empowers students to learn entrepreneurial thinking and life skills within a gap year program. Instead of taking online courses you’ll get real life experience around the world with global entrepreneurs. It is designed to teach students to start and run a business while earning college credits.

By connecting with mentors and peers from around the world, you’ll gain in-depth knowledge and hands-on experience on how to run a successful business. Through this program, you’ll discover your passion for entrepreneurship, create valuable connections, develop essential skill sets and build meaningful relationships with successful entrepreneurs.

You will also have business networking opportunities throughout your gap year with other student entrepreneurs and experienced entrepreneurs. This opportunity can help you gain valuable insight into what it takes to run a successful business and build relationships with peers who share your entrepreneurial spirit. At the end of this program, you will have the knowledge and skills to start your own business or pursue any other endeavor that excites you.

OLX helps students to discover their likes and dislikes, develop their strengths and weaknesses, and then deploy them into the workplace as a force to be reckoned with. We want to launch a small group of emerging leaders by equipping them in skills they need to both get started in a career, but also progress rapidly throughout their career, while instilling a passion for what is beyond them.


OneLife X Timeline

SEPTEMBER 7, 2022 - MAY 13, 2023


SEPTEMBER 30, 2022 - JANUARY 30, 2023


FEBRUARY 2023 - MARCH 2023


Why OneLife X?

If you’re on the fence about a gap year program and looking to major in business for your undergraduate, our entrepreneurship gap year program could be perfect for you! Entrepreneurship has changed the way that we do business and our gap year program gives you the opportunity to get immersed in this rapidly evolving field. Entrepreneurship is about making decisions, taking risks, and learning from your mistakes, all of which can be done through our gap year program. Our Entrepreneurship Gap Year allows you to gain real-world training to help you become successful when you start real new businesses in our fast changing world. Moreover, the Entrepreneurship Gap Year Program offers: – Leadership training to help you become an independent thinker and leader in the business world – Entrepreneurial skills to get you ready to create your own businesses or joining established ones – Networking opportunities with like minded individuals who can offer support, advice, skill development and resources to help you succeed.

At OneLife X we believe that Entrepreneurship is the foundation of success. We offer our Entrepreneurship Gap Year Program for ambitious individuals who have a passion for succeeding and an understanding of the importance for innovation. We offer mentorship from experts in the Entrepreneurship field – Hands-on experience and exposure to a variety of business opportunities, and experiential learning through our interactive program. With the Entrepreneurship Gap Year Program, you can gain experiences that will help you be successful no matter what career path you decide to pursue. By joining this program, you’re taking a step in the right direction towards an education that will help you develop yourself as an Entrepreneur and have a successful career. Take the Entrepreneurship Gap Year Program with OneLife X to gain real world experience and stay ahead of the curve in business trends, technology and global challenges. We provide student entrepreneurs all the necessary tools to become an Entrepreneurial leader for the future. Whether you’re looking to become a venture capitalist, a best selling author, start a technology business, or simply develop skills to become an entrepreneur, our entrepreneurship gap year is a robust program for student entrepreneurs to grow and become independent before they move on to a university. Join us today!

Taylor Holmes

I always thought I wanted to go into business, so I decided to join the OneLife X program to gain experience. OLX opened my eyes to what business is actually like! Now that I am an owner, I see so many things I learned in the program come to life.

Every organization needs a wide range of skillsets to excel in business! OLX will be no different. Apply today to help us grow our business together.

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