The Student Experience

College Courses


Three Springs Ministries | Morris, PA, Pleasant View | Lancaster, PA

THE 111 Life and Calling (3 credits)

BIB 203 The Pentateuch (3 credits)

BIB 303 The Gospels (3 credits)

BIB 202 The Narrative of Redemption (3 credits)

CHM 121 Ministry Leadership and Management (3 credits)

CHM 221 Spiritual Formation and Disciple-Making Ministries (3 credits)

COM 111 Introduction to Communications (3 credits)

HUM 141 Christianity and Culture (3 credits)

SOC 202 Sociocultural Studies (3 credits)

BUS 470 Personal Finance 3 (credits)

INT 010 Life Management Seminar (0 credits)

Total: 30 Credit


Southern Wesleyan University | Central, SC

SEMR 2323: Foundations for Success

RELG 2403: Basic Christian Beliefs

ENG 2103: Speech Communication

SEMR 1503: Life Calling

RELG 1993: Introduction to Spiritual Formation and Discipleship

RELG 2013: Introduction to Intercultural Ministry

INCS 3563: Global (outside USA) Internship

SEMR 2483: Peer Leadership and Team Building

BIBL 1013: Old Testament Survey

BIBL 1023: New Testament Survey

Total: 30 Credits

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Community & Discipleship

God designed us to grow in character and calling in deep community. The people you surround yourself with is one of the most important things you will ever do.