The Student Experience

College Courses


OneLife at Three Springs, OneLife at Pleasant View, & OneLife at Lodestar

THE 111 Life and Calling (3 credits)

BIB 203 The Pentateuch (3 credits)

BIB 303 The Gospels (3 credits)

BIB 202 The Narrative of Redemption (3 credits)

CHM 121 Ministry Leadership and Management (3 credits)

CHM 221 Spiritual Formation and Disciple-Making Ministries (3 credits)

COM 111 Introduction to Communications (3 credits)

HUM 141 Christianity and Culture (3 credits)

SOC 202 Sociocultural Studies (3 credits)

INT 010 Life Management Seminar (0 credits)

Total: 27 Credit


OneLife at Sakanaga

CHST 13xx Engaging the Biblical Narrative (3 credits)

CHST 1310 Old Testament (3 credits)

CHST 2335 World Religions (3 credits)

CHST 13xx Spiritual Formation for Christian Ministry (3 credits)

LDRS2310 Introduction to Leadership (3 credits)

CHST 13xx Integrating a Biblical Worldview (3 credits)

CHST 1320 New Testament (3 credits)

CHST 2351 Principles of Christian Leadership (3 credits)

CHST 12xx Interpreting the Biblical Text (2 credits)

CHST 4400 Field Immersion Experience (4 credits)

Total: 30 Credits


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Community & Discipleship

God designed us to grow in character and calling in deep community. The people you surround yourself with is one of the most important things you will ever do.