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2nd Year Program

For our OneLife Alum, we offer a second year program where students can choose to pursue a program in Entrepreneurship, Media, Ministry & Trade.


This program empowers students to learn entrepreneurial thinking and life skills within a gap year program. It is designed to teach students to start and run a business while earning college credits.


So many opportunities exist for individuals who have media skill and capacity. Media mentors will coach you through key aspects of a media development process.


Deepen your leadership skills and dive deeper into what vocational ministry could look like for you. 


Our goal is to introduce you to many different trades. This job market is exploding, and we lay the foundation to make you marketable for lots of career paths.

The OneLife Leadership Program

We live in a world riddled with spin. Young adults today have cultural pressures and values pushing them to have a tight hold on their cell phone with little to any direction towards care character formation, leadership growth, or eternal impact.

OneLifeX seeks to shift this direction. Learning how you’re wired, how your skills play on a team or in leadership opportunities, and how to make decisions in the pressure of real-time business realities is the grist mill to form a character that can last the long haul in the world needing strong leaders of faith.

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We want to launch a small group of emerging leaders by equipping them in skills they need to both get started in a career, but also progress rapidly throughout their career, while instilling a passion for what is beyond them.

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Why OneLife Leadership?

You will have the privilege to develop alongside high-level business leaders, who will become a great resource for you and your future, all while focusing on launching you into a direction best suited for your skill set and exposing you to what the marketplace is really like! Leave the year confident, knowing you can deploy into the marketplace and make a difference wherever God places you!