Gap Year Travel


OneLife gap year students get the opportunity to travel on a few unique trips. During your gap year trips you’ll get to experience months abroad in multiple countries! When you take a gap year with One Life it’s a life changing experience! You’ll get to spend time with a diverse range of like minded people learning new skills while immersing yourself in other cultures. Get hands on experience in a new country while you earn college credit through one of the best gap year programs there is! Other gap year organizations don’t allow you to experience new cultures like ours. We let you create your own path with a year abroad where you can help community development throughout God’s beautiful world.


At OneLife, our gap year program is designed to help you with personal development for a future career and create a better you. Learning leadership skills, new language skills and taking a gap year trip has never been easier! You’ll build real world skills, learn about local culture and maybe even a new language! All while spending time abroad and creating lifelong memories. Check out some of our previous and recent trips that our students have been on. Get out of your comfort zone, take a gap year, experience cultural immersion with other young people and become your best self!

(Trips vary based on the OneLife site)  



Cumberland Island

Holy Land

Out West Trip


Take A Gap Year!

Taking a gap year for traveling abroad has never been more fun! Local communities in foreign countries love and appreciate what we do with our gap year programs. Being a part of our gap year program is a way to set a great example for your friends & family, as well as other youth in your local community. Gap year opportunities like this don’t come often! Study abroad in our year round gap year program so you can experience a new culture, develop leadership skills and pick up new language skills that will help you with your professional career. So, what are you waiting for? Gain self confidence through the best gap year program for students looking to take a gap year!