What is OneLife?

Christian Gap Year Program

OneLife is a nine-month Christian gap year program for high school graduates who want to grow in their faith, experience genuine community, serve others, and travel with ministry leaders while earning college credit.

Grow in Christian Character

Because we believe that God cares more about who you are becoming than where you are going.

Clarify Your

The more we grow in God and learn about His world, the more we can clarify our purpose in it. Spend your gap year focusing on building relationships and lifelong friendships through our Christian gap year experience.


As young adults, without a deep community we cannot grow in character and calling. God created us to grow in character and calling in deep community.

The 4-Week Rotation


Classroom Week

Experiential Learning

Presentation Week

Travel Week

The OneLife Program

At OneLife we know in order to grow in character you must first truly examine your identity and who you are becoming. In fact, we think it’s more valuable to focus on who you are becoming rather than where you are going. This is the idea of character before a career.

The more we grow in God, and learn about His world, we can clarify our purpose in it. Whether you are clear on where God is calling you, or you have no clue at all, when you conform to the patterns of the Kingdom of God, you will discern your place in the will of God. The OneLife institute helps teach the ways of Christian life and Jesus Christ to the next generation of college students and young adults through our Christian Gap Year Programs. Staff members point people in the right direction for education, gospel, and ministry to help our youth build a strong foundation for their Christian faith. The goal of our gap year program is to help students bring Jesus into communities where they can discover God’s word with other like minded believers.

Application Process

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A different approach

Why OneLife?

OneLife gap year exists because we know that taking time to learn who God is and who you are becoming is the best investment you can make in your future!

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