The Student Experience

Student Life

Weekly Activities Include:

Student Led activities and events

Discipleship and mentoring meetings

Educational experience

When not traveling, students take classes, volunteer, host events, hang out, explore, and build deep and lasting community.

The 4-Week Rotation


Classroom Week

Experiential Trips

Teach Back Week

Travel Week


Each year during our gap year, OneLife students take multiple trips.
(Trips vary based on the OneLife site)



From blacksmiths, to lawyers, to herbalists. Learn outside the classroom through day trips in the local community.


Whether it be tutoring kids or working with senior citizens, every OneLife student has the opportunity to serve in some capacity.

The OneLife Experience

Come and visit us to see what a year at OneLife looks like!

I have grown in the intellectual side of my faith. Learning more about theology and philosophy and scripture have all deepened my faith and widened my base of knowledge. My worldview is both expanding as I learn and refining as I become more and more sure of what I believe.

Life after OneLife

Next Steps

OneLife propels you to begin your career with many different options. Our students have pursued 4 year colleges and universities, 2 year professional degrees, or have gone straight into the workforce. 

Degrees Pursued After OneLife

Careers Pursued After OneLife

Ready to take the next step?

Community & Discipleship

God designed us to grow in character and calling in deep community. The people you surround yourself with can make all the difference on your journey — wherever you go!