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Life After OneLife

Servant Leaders In Every Area of Life

OneLife propels students to live out their faith wherever God may lead them. The world needs more Christian doctors, Christian lawyers, Christian janitors, Christian business leaders, and Christian ministers. OneLife develops gospel-saturated servant leaders to infuse the redemption of Jesus in whatever they do as far as the curse is found.

Higher Education

OneLife has partnered with some premier colleges and universities to offer OneLife Alumni competitive scholarships.

Degrees Pursued After Onelife

OneLife Alumni Have Attended

Second Year

OneLife Alumni have the opportunity to participate in a year of experience unlike any other. Learn from Christian business leaders and get expertise in every area of running a business all while being mentored to grow in your faith!

The Workforce

Many of our students choose to directly join the workforce after graduating building their careers in exciting fields. 

Industries Entered After OneLife

Technical Degrees Pursued after OneLife

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Community & Discipleship

God designed us to grow in character and calling in deep community. The people you surround yourself with is one of the most important things you will ever do.