Who. What. Why. Q&A with Cayden Myers


Cayden Myers

Which site did you attend? What year were you there?
OneLife Three Springs – Class 4

After OneLife, what did you do/what next life step did you take?
After my year at OneLife, I was given the opportunity to start a new job doing contract work for real estate photography and videography. While I’m still deep in the learning process, it has been a real blessing to serve alongside some extended family of mine, and their business.

How did OL help prepare for what you are doing now?
One of my biggest takeaways from those 9 months is on the topic of servant leadership. OneLife taught me the joy in servanthood, and what it means to use your gifts for the sake of His Kingdom building. Being a part of the media committee helped me utilize my gifts in a team setting, and it sparked a passion in me that I wasn’t sure existed until then. Being on media made me realize it is an area I would like to serve in, which led me to my job now.

In what ways do you see the goodness of God in what you do?
From the very beginning, our God is a creative God. He has created and designed us to live out and cultivate His creation, and artistry is one way in which I feel He really speaks to me. I am able to experience a sense of joy in what I do because I am able to partake in the blessings of His creation by viewing, capturing, and sharing snippets of a larger picture.

What is something you are currently learning (or continually learning) about yourself,  others, or God?
One thing I am learning is that it is simply impossible to overestimate the power and significance of grace. And if one does, that is simply underestimating the power and significance of the work that Christ has already done on the cross. There will always be areas in which I will fall short, or not live up to the expectations of others. But God has been ever so good to me, loving me unconditionally. I have a tendency to obsess over the concept of perfection. Perfection in my work, my relationships, my appearance- But I am learning to surrender that chase for perfection because I am deciding to live into grace.

What is something that you would like to tell prospective students or current students about life IN OneLife?
Life in OneLife purely demonstrates the strength that comes with being engaged with a loving, God-fearing community. It is so crucial that we are surrounded by an inner circle of these types of people as a means for sharpening each other, encouraging each other, and challenging each other. During a year in a chance such as this; lean into that. Lean into the hard conversations. Lean into the core values. And be authentic with each other.

What is something that you would like to tell prospective or current students about life AFTER OneLife?Given the kind of program that OneLife is, it is not reasonable to expect yourself to take and apply absolutely everything you learned from the gap year into everyday life. However, you will start to notice certain themes and lessons from speakers and experiences coming up very frequently. One of the reasons why I believe in a program like OneLife so much and why it means so much to me is because absolutely everything you learn is life practical. I am certain that what you are learning now, in the predictable and the unpredictable ways, will stick with you for the rest of your life.

What brings you joy?
When people share their passions and invite you into that part of their lives.