Who. What. Why. Q&A with Michaela Addessi


Michaela Addessi

Which site did you attend? What year were you there?
SWU 2019-2020

After OneLife, what did you do/what next life step did you take?
I continued my education at SWU and will graduate Fall 2022

How did OL help prepare for what you are doing now?
I think it allowed me to take what I was taught in OL and apply it to my daily life. I think I got better at handling uncomfortable situations and working with others who think differently than me. OneLife allowed me to realize my heart for missions and non-profit work which I’m hoping to continue pursuing in my future.

In what ways do you see the goodness of God in what you do?
I see how well he’s taken care of me when I didn’t deserve it. He has provided so many amazing opportunities here at SWU that I never would have thought were possible. I’m thankful that even when I doubted his plan he never gave up on me.

What is something that you would like to tell prospective students or current students about life IN OneLife?
Fully lean into the program and all it has to offer. don’t take any day for granted because before you know it it will be over. try to see the best in people around you even though you’re close enough to see their worst.

What is something that you would like to tell prospective or current students about life AFTER OneLife?
It can be a hard transition at first (believe me I know, my year got cut short due to covid) but the things you learned and the people you met will help you in the next stage of life. Go visit people… now you have friends all over the country! Make time for the people you really connected with even if you’re miles apart. Don’t forget that the Lord is still moving even when you aren’t in the program anymore and you don’t have a new revelation every day.

What brings you joy?
Coffee, animals, music, and sunsets