Discipleship and Mentoring


“We make a living by what we get, we make a life by what we give.”

Winston Churchill

Giving is no small task. In a world that takes, consumes, and uses- giving is scarce. Churchill’s words ring true that we spend our lives working to ‘get’ and obtain, achieve, progress- yet do our lives speak of generosity? This is a gut-wrenching reality check. As followers of Jesus Christ we are called to give and live generously with our lives as we have been given the ultimate gift of Jesus and life in Him. At OneLife there is no difference- we are called to give and steward ourselves as leaders in mentoring and discipling students from all points in their faith journey. We believe that one can only give as much as they themselves have received- generosity bares its own gifts. In a world of pretending, we aspire to be true in who we are and what we give. OneLife’s leaders aim to commit themselves in leading, mentoring students, and facilitating a lifestyle of discipleship that encompasses all aspects of their lives. We encourage discipleship in a myriad of ways at OneLife- through life on life living, TRIADS (intentional weekly meetings for students with OneLife staff processing students experiences), events, outings, travel, fellowship, meals, and a host of other ways. We believe that discipleship is a responsibility of all Christians to partake in and encourage students to disciple one another through friendships within our community. At the heart of true discipleship is Jesus Christ. Like the Apostle Paul we want to say with conviction- “imitate us, as we imitate Christ.”

Benjamin Case – Resident Leader