Who. What. Why. Q&A with Hope Tabor


Hope Tabor

Which site did you attend? What year were you there?

Three Springs 2020-21

After OneLife, what did you do/what next life step did you take?

I worked at home for the summer before coming to Cairn University, where I study history and literature.

How did OL help prepare for what you are doing now?

By teaching me that our calling is to first and foremost be faithful where we are.


In what ways do you see the goodness of God in what you do? 

How the Lord enters into our tight schedules, routines, and daily responsibilities. He meets us exactly where we are.

What is something you are currently learning (or continually learning) about yourself,  others, or God?

I’m continuing to learn about what it means to receive from the Lord- how everything is a gift that has been given, not an award to be achieved.

What is something that you would like to tell prospective students or current students about life IN OneLife?

OneLife is a really good place to learn hard things. Remain open to whatever it is the Lord wants to teach you, even if it’s different than what you wanted or expected.

What is something that you would like to tell prospective or current students about life AFTER OneLife?

God is still God.

What brings you joy?

Nicely sharpened pencils, pop-tarts, and “Francis Forever” by Mitski