Who. What. Why. Q&A with Logan Stoner


Logan Stoner

Which site did you attend? What year were you there?

Three Springs 2018-2019

After OneLife, what did you do/what next life step did you take?

Attended LBC, graduated with Bachelors in Biblical Studies, and now working as RL (Residence Leader) for OL

How did OL help prepare for what you are doing now?

Helped solidify my beliefs in the goodness of Jesus, rekindled my zeal/child-like innocence, and instilled a never-ending desire to wonder and explore the goodness of God and His creation.

In what ways do you see the goodness of God in what you do?

Pouring back into the program that quite literally changed my life is priceless. Seeing new students start to better understand/grasp the same concepts I did as a student and being able to have a small part in that process is one of the biggest blessings.

What is something you are currently learning (or continually learning) about yourself,  others, or God?

Recognizing the importance of understanding that we are NEVER alone. In ANYTHING. NO MATTER what. EVER. AT ALL. It’s impossible to be truly alone. No matter how gripping my emotions can be or how hopeless my external circumstances are, I am never alone. I always have a community around me to love and support me, and I have a loving God who has endured every pain I have and is going before me and comforting me in that. Thus, it is so important to stay surrendered (to Jesus) and stay surrounded (by community).

What is something that you would like to tell prospective students or current students about life IN OneLife?

Embrace the tension, love the broken. It is by no means easy… but it is worth it. EVERY. TIME. Also, seek ways to set yourself up for success AFTER OneLife while still IN OneLife. Find mentors, Churches, communities that will love and support you the way your OL community does. OL is beautiful, but it is intentionally placed for 9 months.

What is something that you would like to tell prospective or current students about life AFTER OneLife?

GET CONNECTED IN A LOCAL CHURCH! Be involved as much as possible. The local Church is God’s way of bringing forth redemption. Be a disciple who is discipled (get yourself a mentor that you meet up with on the regular) and make disciples (invest in people younger than you).

What brings you joy?

Time with friends, music, concerts, traveling.