What is OneLife?


Is This Too Good to be True?

Imagine spending a year of your life adventuring in God’s creation, watching the sunrise come up over the Sea of Galilee, hiking along the Appalachian Trail, visiting and living alongside people from other cultures and exploring everything from bustling cities to ancient ruins. Imagine adventuring in deep Christ centered community, learning how to love and be loved, growing deep friendships, having mentors who pour into you and living and traveling alongside dozens of your closest friends. Now imagine that this included a year’s worth of college credit.

Nope. That’s Really What We Do at OneLife.

This is what we do at OneLife. Experts refer to the years between 18 and 25 as the critical years. Decisions are made during these years, that shaped who we are for the rest of our lives. We start to ask questions like, who am I? What do I want to do? What do I want to study? What now? What next? At OneLife We believe that God cares about what the future holds for you. We also believe that God cares more about who you’re becoming and where you’re going. Because of this, we formulated our nine month Gap-Year program to intentionally allow young adults to wrestle with these questions of vocation, calling and identity all in the light of the gospel of Jesus Christ. Everything we do at OneLife is directed towards shaping the hearts, cultivating the minds and equipping the hands of young adults to have a kingdom impact in whatever they’re doing, wherever they’re going.