Current OL Student Applies Her Learning in This Season of COVID-19


Emily Sensenich, a current OneLife student, reflects on her learning of self, others, and God awareness and how she is applying it in this season. She explains how she feels better equipped to face this pandemic because of what OneLife is teaching her. Enjoy reading about how she is learning to flourish according to the Biblical narrative and rest in the gospel.

When I envisioned my OneLife experience, a pandemic was not on my radar. I was excited for big trips, deeper friendships, and newfound independence from home. Now the COVID-19 outbreak has not only disrupted what I thought my OneLife experience would be like in these last couple months, but it has disrupted life as we know it. It’s hard not to be scared or fearful when bright red maps scream at us the latest influx of patients and the newest death tolls.

One of the biggest takeaways so far from OneLife has been the focus on self, others, and God awareness. I have learned throughout the past months that intentional thought on these three areas is essential to biblical flourishing. Even though this time is so uncertain, this is the perfect time to put into practice what I have just learned. Recognizing that God is more powerful than whatever is afflicting us and this world, and submitting ourselves to prayer is a way to be God aware. I can be others aware by praying for them, but also thinking about the people who are at risk of serious complications because of COVID-19. I can practice self-quarantine and find ways to help and not harm. Finally, I can practice self-awareness in this time by reflecting on the past seven months and the past 3 weeks to take in and comprehend what is taking place. Taking time to purposefully rest was a huge lesson I had to learn at OneLife, but it has taught me to be more self-aware. Rest is so important especially now. It gives us a chance to recharge, reflect, and it has a positive effect on our relationship with God and others. 

I am so grateful OneLife was an option for me after high school. It has prepared me in ways I could not imagine when we first started the year. I feel better equipped to live through this pandemic because of the lessons I have learned in OneLife and how my faith has grown. OneLife is an incredible space to not only learn more about yourself and build great friendships but where you can deepen your relationship with Christ and learn about just how good of a God we serve.