How OneLife, A Christian Gap Year Program, Changes the Way People Think


OneLife Institute, a Christian gap year program, isn’t just about helping students get started in life, church, and college. OneLife is focused on cultivating the mind in a culture that ignores self-awareness, other awareness, and God awareness. Jordan Myers reveals how OneLife changed his thinking to be more like Christ.

“At OneLife I fell in Love with God in ways I didn’t know I could. I learned to love him as a creator for his creation and as a guiding and comforting Father. I learned to pick up the authority God has given me and what it means to flourish according to the Bible. I learned how to give up good things for better things, and I learned what real love looks like. I learned to mourn the brokenness of the fall but also how to live with the knowledge that restoration is coming! The legalism that I didn’t even know I was carrying was SMASHED and God flipped many of my viewpoints and opinions . My everyday thinking is more Gospel-centered and God focused. I saw and did things I never thought I’d ever do and made friendships that I know are going to stay with me for the rest of my life (earthly and eternal). God used OneLife to show me my gifts and to showed me how to take ownership of who he made me to be. Without question, it was one of the hardest years of my life, but easily the best year of my life. If you are considering OneLife PLEASE at the very least Apply! You won’t regret taking a year to find out who God made you to be and where he wants you.”
– Jordan Myers

OneLife wants to come along side you as you grow in relationship with God and others. Apply today!