Why Young Adults Are Choosing a Christian Gap Year


According to 5 Myths About Taking a Gap Year, most adults might tell their kids that taking a gap year is a waste of money and considered lazy. According to Randye Hoder’s article Should Your Kid Take a Gap Year Before Going to College | Time, that statistic is completely false.

  1. Students who took a gap year came back ready for college or more prepared for full time work, disciplined, and confident for their futures.
  2. Parents of those students were impressed to see their children coming back ready for life on their own.
  3. Students coming from a gap year got higher grades than the average student.
  4. The Gap Year allowed students to be more creative and genuine with their passions.

Not only do students do well in school after a gap year program, but according to Heather Reynolds article The Christian Gap Year: Travel Service and Learning to Breathe, 90% of students go back to school after the program.

Not only are gap years helpful for young adults looking for growth in their careers, but also for students looking for growth in their faith. John Marrow from Impact 360 says, “True information is essential, but by itself it is not enough. It’s just as essential that students have space, relationships, and practices to take ownership of their faith.” Also, Matt Harling talks about how OneLife, a Christian Gap Year, helped shape his faith in a confused generation in “I’m a Part of Generation Z and Here’s How OneLife Changed Me.” In the article he says, “Without this foundation that OneLife provided, I would not be prepared for college or life after college in my generation.” Young adults are in need of a program that will help them reach their full potential for Christ in today’s generation. OneLife, and other gap year programs want to come along side you. Don’t hesitate. Make a difference in your generation.