“I’m a Part of Generation Z and Here’s How OneLife Changed Me”


America is becoming more and more saturated with technology, and the newest Generation, Generation Z, has been born into this age of technology unlike past generations. Generation Z is the latest generation (1995 – 2015), and comes right after the millennial generation. Matt Harling, OneLIfe Alumni, shares his experience being part of Generation Z.

“I am 19 and I am part of Generation Z which is known as the least Christian generation. People who attend church is becoming a minority and church attendance is not considered as important to my generation. Friends and family around me are unsure of what church actually is or why they should attend. With all the information that is accessible to my generation, there are a lot of ways the world influences me to believe different things.

My generation says many things, but what negatively impacted me the most was learning that 59% of generation Z say they are ‘some sort of Christian.’ When I heard this I thought ‘wow, I actually felt this way too!’ I was just as lost in the age of information as most people in my generation which tells me to ‘believe in what works for you,’ ‘be tolerant,’ or ‘love others but do whatever it takes to accomplish your dream.’ After high school, I would have slowly disregarded my Christianity if I didn’t join OneLife in the Fall of 2018.

I believe my generation needs preparation for more than a future job after college, and OneLife has helped me prepare for the world of information and busyness. I learned how to seek and find the truth, develop a Biblical Worldview, become a servant leader, and to fixate my life on the only reason to live. OneLife prepared me to go out in my generation by focusing on…

  1. Authority of God’s Word ‘I used to look for answers everywhere else, but now I know that God’s Word has the first and last say about my life and the world.’
  2. Making the Gospel the center of my life ‘I used to think that God was important, but now I understand he is essential and must be above all in my life.’
  3. Stewarding God’s Resources ‘I used to think that God was found in the church building, but now I understand that the world is God’s creation and we, followers of Jesus, are the church. (Genesis 1:26).’
  4. Ongoing improvement ‘I used to think that improvement happens every now and then, but now I understand that I am constantly improving to conform to Christ’s Image (Romans 8:29).’

Without this foundation that OneLife provided, I would not be prepared for college or life after college in my generation.”

Feel like traditional college isn’t preparing you to be a servant leader in your community to bring glory to Christ? Or maybe you are just unsure about your life and are wanting direction. Apply now or come and visit and join many other students on an adventure of experiential learning! OneLife is wanting to help you alongside your journey today.