OneLife: The perfect “College” Option


Last year Clayton Lancaster attended OneLife Institute at Southern Wesleyan University to get started with life after high school. Alyssa Lancaster recently shared about how this has changed her son, and brought a lot of maturity and growth in his life!

“I’m telling you this is the best kept secret in S.C.! Clayton Lancaster went after he graduated high school and after all he experienced, Colson Lancaster was like—how could I NOT do this?! It’s called a ‘Gap Year’ but that’s kind of a misnomer. Clayton didn’t skip a beat with this “gap year.” He will graduate actually now still a year ahead of his high school graduating class even after doing OneLife (came in with credits—but the point being, OneLife didn’t set him back). He was accepted into his other first-choice school last year and would have done very well there, but after much prayer and specific prayers answered saw God’s leading to OneLife. OneLife was not a ‘2nd best choice’ for him bc he/we didn’t feel he was ready for college. To us it was BETTER than the traditional freshman year of college option. It seemed like an incredible opportunity. And it was. He came away from OneLife asking us if we would fund his summer reading (the boy who hated to read!)…he learned how to love others who are different than him, work through conflict, servant leadership, live with purpose, a deeper love and knowledge of the Bible. He listens to podcasts on different topics and is investing his money. He deleted Snapchat bc he realized it was a waste of time. He grew up. I feel like OneLife solidified all we prayed for and tried to ingrain in him his whole life. If he reads this he will say I’m embarrassing him, but that’s okay. It’s what parents are supposed to do. But I’ll stop. So suffice it to say—consider this program. I can honestly say after his experience at OneLife we can see incredible growth in him in so many ways. More ways I’m convinced than most who go the traditional way. It’s worth it! For my Cru friends, it reminded me of the best of summer mission (summer project) and STINT combined for entering freshman. SaraLane is even planning on going now too…There’s an Open House Oct 5th I believe.”

– Alyssa P. Lancaster

And to answer that question… Yes! There is an Open House on October 5th! Just click the highlighted tag to schedule an Open House TODAY! Onelife is the perfect “college” option. OneLife is meant to fixate students on the only reason to live. Clayton Lancaster is one of many testimonies of the work that the Holy Spirit has done here at OneLife and is continuing to do through the lives of the students.