OneLife is Impacting Families


Luke – Three Springs ‘18

My mom and I both remember it well. It was right after Zac’s graduation from OneLife at LBC. The two of us were sitting in the car after an emotional ceremony followed by even more emotional goodbyes, and Zac had just run back into LBC’s library to grab something before we left. Seeing the genuineness and beauty of a truly intimate community centered around the gospel and the truth of Christ moved me deeply. It was in that moment I decided that OneLife was for me. I turned to my mom and plainly said, “That’s what I want.” It wasn’t this day alone that led to this decision, however. It was also the building culmination of incredible growth I witnessed in my brother. Growth in our relationship where he would step towards me in ways he hadn’t before. Growth in his habits and faith. Growth in our family dynamic through the values and godly desires being further kindled by OneLife. I’m so glad Zac attended OneLife. If he hadn’t, I wouldn’t have either, and neither would my younger brother Andrew, who’s geared up to attend Pinebrook this fall. Our whole family is very grateful for this institution, and I’m grateful to Emma for inviting us into it further through the Ambassador Program!


Andrew – Pinebrook ‘21

OneLife was something that I came to know about through both of my brothers. Zac and Luke both attended the program and showed various changes. I noticed how God was working actively within their lives both during and after they took part in the program. I thought to myself intermittently about what the program truly was and if it was something I wanted to do. After much thought and spiritual guidance, I finally decided to walk on a path paved for me by God and follow after what my brothers had done. I am very excited to be accepted into the community I have heard so many great things about and I have the utmost appreciation for the acceptance into $500 dollar scholarship through the Ambassador Program.


Zac – Lancaster ‘17

I was first introduced to OneLife by my dad. He was OneLife’s point of contact at GAiN, a nonprofit that a group of students volunteered at, and through this connection, he learned about the program. I myself didn’t have any real tangible plans after high school, and was fairly interested when he described OneLife as a great way to engage in Christian community, further my faith, travel, and learn life skills. Incredibly interested until he mentioned that they took the students’ phones away throughout the week. That was a dealbreaker. But one morning he invited me to volunteer at GAiN. And as I enjoyed volunteering there, I said yes. He then let me know that afterward, we’d be taking a short tour of OneLife. So after having spent our time at GAiN, we then went on a brief, I later learned unofficial tour of OneLife. And after that brief 30-minute tour of OneLife, I knew that’s where I wanted to be. I immediately signed up, within a week got accepted, and in another week my OneLife year started. I didn’t know what I truly wanted from the program, but what I got was far more than I had expected. I found strong Christian friends and community, friends that I still keep in contact with. I grew in my faith, both in developing a biblical worldview and knowing my place in it, but also in habits that kept me grounded. I learned life skills and found practical application in what I was learning. And finally, I grew in self-knowledge; how God created me, who I am, and my role in the context of God’s story. I’m very glad I joined for numerous reasons, and I am excited to see my younger brothers following suit!